Which Universities Offer Scholarships for Pakistani Students in UK?

5 Universities Offer Scholarships for Pakistani Students in UK

With increasing awareness and literacy rates. There has been a constant rise in the number of students who wish to study abroad. Students have always fantasized about studying in the UK. Unfortunately, sometimes it becomes too much for them to handle the pressure of applications. The selection of the right universities and appropriate courses. But more than that it’s the financial pressure that keeps them from pursuing their passions. We come across many students worrying about not finding an appropriate scholarship to fund their education. We have compiled a list of available scholarship opportunities and the process of how to get scholarship in UK for Pakistani students, which can assist in realizing their academic aspirations.

1. Chevening Scholarship

If you’re planning to go to the UK for your postgraduate program then God made Chevening Scholarship for you.  It’s a government-funded scholarship that provides postgraduate students with full financial support. If you have an undergrad degree. Two years of work experience to meet their English language need. Then you can definitely apply for this scholarship and have your dream of studying abroad come true.

2. The University of Sussex Pakistan Scholarships

This very scholarship design is for enthusiasm. It is a hard-working postgraduate student in Pakistan. You can only get this scholarship if you plan to do your Master’s at the University of Sussex which is one of the top universities in the UK. This scholarship is not funded but you get some tuition fee reduction. You should be a Pakistani Citizen who is self-financing to get this scholarship. If you fall in this criteria then you should definitely look into it.

3. The University of Birmingham Scholarships

This is another very useful scholarship for the ones who have been dreaming to go to the UK for further studies forever. The scholarships are available for both undergrad and postgraduate students. Again this one is also not a funded scholarship but you get some amount off on the tuition fee.

4. Anne Marie Schimmel Scholarships

The most interesting fact about this scholarship is that it is created for passionate women who are interested in going to the UK to study. Sound cool, no? You should have two-year work experience and a genuine need for financial aid to be able to get this scholarship. This is a master’s level scholarship award for one year program only. 

5. University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield offers scholarships for undergrad and postgraduate students. The university has been offering scholarships for students in Pakistan for a long time. Scholarships are provided to students who have extraordinary performance when it comes to academics. The university offers a great deduction in tuition fees to their students so that they can pursue their dreams.


Now it’s time to stop being stressed and depressed over finances when it comes to having the plan to study in UK from Pakistan. These are not the only scholarships being offered there are many more. You will definitely get a chance to get high-quality education in the UK with the help of these scholarships.