Study in Turkey

Study in Turkey

Studying abroad opens up a world of possibilities and personal growth. Turkey, with its strategic location bridging Europe and Asia, offers a unique cultural experience and high-quality education. For Pakistani students seeking to broaden their horizons, study in Turkey presents an excellent opportunity. They can benefit from the rich academic environment, affordable tuition fees, and the chance to explore a vibrant country with a deep historical heritage. Turkey has emerged as an attractive destination for Pakistani students looking to pursue their educational aspirations in an international setting.

Study in Turkey for Pakistani Students

Study in Turkey

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Why Study in Turkey for Pakistani Students in 2022?

Turkey hosted approximately over a hundred thousand students from various parts of the globe. In spite of that, the government of Turkey still wishes to grow the statistics considerably greater than it already is but there is no doubt it is already getting doubled as we tell you that. Due to it’s high end and reputedly advanced universities, Turkey has gained the attention of many understudies; including Pakistani students.   

Study Visa for Turkey from Pakistan

In contrast with the other countries acquiring a study visa for Turkey from Pakistan is not as complicated. The reason Turkey appoints lenient study in turkey requirements for Pakistani students is due to the close relations between the two nations. All you’ll have to do is prepare certain documents and once you have collected them, you’ll be eligible to apply. You can apply for the visa immediately in a Turkish consulate or embassy as soon as possible. Note that you have to apply for a study visa for Turkey from Pakistan specifically. A tourist visa will not be accepted in your university. It will decline your request for a residency permit for the duration of the stay. Despite the procedure being somewhat feasible that the rest it is still stressful nonetheless. To make things go smoothly we connect you with our best study in turkey consultants in Karachi

Study in Turkey Costs for Pakistani students in 2022

The cost for study in Turkey for Pakistani students is fairly more approachable. There are several things that need to be considered before you weigh the costs altogether. You have to keep in mind what kind of university you’re applying to. If you’re leaning towards the private sector, it’ll be more expensive than the public sector. The reason being the tuition fees of the public sector, which is fairly greater. Other than that you’ll have to consider the medium and course as well. Studying in the native language can be more pocket friendly rather than the English curriculum. There are scholarships and grants to study in Turkey for Pakistani students which either cover the maximum expenses if not all of them are fully funded. These scholarships take care of the health insurance, travelling and even cut down the living expenses.

Scholarships in Turkey for Pakistani students without IELTS

If you have been doing your research, you’d know ielts is an absolute must while studying abroad. Though most Turkish universities require an IELTS test as well, there are many that don’t deem it mandatory. Our study in turkey visa consultants in Karachi will tell you more about it. Because Turkey lies on both, Asian and European borders, its population of approximately over 8 million is mostly diverse anyways. All you have to do is provide an English proficiency certificate and complete your studies prior in English.


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