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If you want to study in Netherlands from Pakistan Edwise.pk is your trusted partner. The Netherlands offers exceptional educational opportunities, and with our expert guidance, your academic journey becomes seamless. We assist you in selecting the right Dutch university and program, ensuring a straightforward application process. Our experienced team simplifies visa procedures and supports you with accommodation arrangements, making your transition smooth and stress-free. Choose Edwise to transform your dream of studying in the Netherlands into a reality. Uncover a world of possibilities and start shaping a promising future today!

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Why study in Netherlands?

Study in Netherlands is the best option if you want to study abroad. First and foremost, Dutch universities consistently rank among the best in the world. In fact, according to the QS World University Rankings 2023, the Netherlands boasts two universities in the top 100 globally: Leiden University (54th) and Delft University of Technology (65th). Additionally, language won’t be a barrier as many Dutch universities offer a wide range of English-taught programs at all academic levels. This inclusivity allows you to pursue your education in the Netherlands, regardless of your proficiency in Dutch. Furthermore, studying in the Netherlands won’t break the bank, as tuition fees for international students are relatively low. For example, the average tuition fee for a bachelor’s degree at a public university is around €9,000 per year. Beyond education, the Netherlands offers an exceptional quality of life. With its high standard of living, safe and tolerant society, and breathtaking environment, it’s a country that nurtures both personal and academic growth. The Dutch people themselves are renowned for their friendliness and welcoming nature, making you feel at home from day one. Finally, as a highly developed country with a robust economy, the Netherlands presents excellent job opportunities for graduates, ensuring a smooth transition from academia to the professional world.


The Netherlands takes pride in its education system, which focuses on providing students with a well-rounded academic experience. The universities emphasize practical learning, critical thinking, and teamwork, preparing students for their future careers. The rigorous curriculum and high academic standards ensure that graduates are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen fields.

The Netherlands offers a welcoming environment for Pakistani students seeking affordable tuition fees and reasonable living costs. Known for its high-quality education system, the country provides a wide range of academic opportunities at affordable rates. Dutch universities strive to maintain accessible tuition fees, ensuring that education remains within reach for international students, including those from Pakistan. Additionally, living costs in the Netherlands are relatively reasonable compared to other European countries, allowing Pakistani students to comfortably manage their expenses while pursuing their studies. With a variety of scholarships and financial aid options available, the Netherlands presents an attractive destination for Pakistani students who aspire to receive a world-class education without burdening themselves financially.

If you’re a Pakistani student aspiring to study in the Netherlands, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available to support your educational journey. Let’s explore a selection of the most sought-after scholarships. The Holland Scholarship, jointly provided by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and various Dutch universities, grants €5,000 annually to help cover tuition fees and living expenses. Leiden University offers the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship, awarding exceptional Pakistani students pursuing a master’s degree with €10,000 per year. Similarly, Radboud University extends its scholarship program to Pakistani students, offering €5,000 per year for both bachelor’s and master’s degree studies. The University of Amsterdam provides the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, granting Pakistani students pursuing a master’s degree with €10,000 per year. Additionally, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan offers the HEC Scholarship, which supports Pakistani students pursuing a PhD in the Netherlands by covering monthly stipends, tuition fees, and travel expenses. These scholarships present incredible opportunities for Pakistani students to fulfill their academic ambitions in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands offers a fantastic job market for graduates, making it an ideal destination to kick-start your career. With a robust economy and diverse sectors, the opportunities are abundant. Pakistani students specifically have a range of popular career paths to explore in the Netherlands. The country’s prowess in the IT sector presents numerous openings for IT professionals, showcasing its global leadership in this field. Engineering is another prominent domain, offering plentiful prospects across various disciplines. If you have a knack for finance, the Netherlands being a significant financial hub ensures ample opportunities for financial professionals. Furthermore, the country’s well-established healthcare system creates a thriving environment for healthcare professionals to excel. Lastly, the Netherlands, being a major education center, opens doors for aspiring teachers and professors. So, whether you’re interested in IT, engineering, finance, healthcare, or education, the Netherlands provides a fertile ground to pursue your career aspirations.

The Netherlands is centrally located in Europe and is in easy reach of all major European cities. The Netherlands is often described as the “gateway to Europe”. It takes only about an hour to fly from Amsterdam to Paris, Berlin, Brussels, or London. It also has great connections and accessibility by train to all major European cities. The Netherlands also has a well-developed and connected transportation system, and various discounts for students make travelling quite affordable. As mentioned, when working 32 hours a month, you can also get a student OV-ClipArt, which gives you access to free public transportation. This makes it very convenient and cheap to explore the whole country.

The Netherlands has also been recognised as a knowledge centre with rich study traditions and well-known universities. Scientific research at Dutch universities is very highly valued at both the national and international level. Education in the Netherlands meets all international standards and is well-reputed worldwide. A diploma from a Dutch university provides an opportunity to start one’s own business and can be very useful in terms of having a successful career in any country of the world. The most recognised universities in the Netherlands include the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and Utrecht University.


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