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Unlock your path to world-class education by choosing to Study in the UK from Pakistan with the help of Edwise Education. We are experts in guiding students who want to study in the UK. We will assist you with every step, from applying to universities to getting your student visa. Our knowledge ensures a smooth process for getting admitted to top UK universities. 

We will guide you on all the requirements for a UK student visa. You can choose from many different academic programs. We provide personalized counseling to help you select the right university. We also offer dedicated support for getting your visa approved. Let Edwise Education help you make your dream of studying in the UK come true. We will help you navigate the complex process and increase your chances of success in this life-changing opportunity.

Services We Provide

  1. Academic Guidance & Counselling
  2. Course Selection Standardized Testing
  3. Preparation (IELTS)
  4. Application Assistance
  5. Visa Guidance
  6. Accomodation Placement
  7. Pre & Post Departure Guidance

Process Steps

Counselling and Discussion

Universities and Program Selection



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After Arrival

Why Study in The UK & Benefits of Study in UK from Pakistan

The UK offers a world-class education with universities like Oxford and Cambridge. You’ll be challenged by top professors and gain valuable skills. Plus, the UK is a diverse and historic country. Imagine exploring ancient castles while perfecting your English. Edwise unlock a world of opportunity for Pakistani students seeking the undeniable benefits of studying in the UK.

A UK degree opens doors to prestigious employers and educational institutions worldwide. The focused curriculum allows you to graduate quicker, making it a cost-effective path to top-notch qualifications. Imagine yourself in a vibrant, multicultural environment, honing your English language skills and gaining invaluable international exposure.  Let Edwise guide you through your UK study journey – together, we’ll turn your dream of studying in the UK into a reality.

Apply for UK study visa & What are the Requirements from Pakistan

The process requires several documents for a student visa application from Pakistan. Here’s a list of the common requirements for UK study visa:

  • You’ll need a valid passport that lasts at least six months beyond your intended UK stay.
  • Obtain a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number and supporting documents from your chosen UK university.
  • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover your living expenses in the UK.
  • Take an English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL to prove your English skills.
  • Get a Tuberculosis (TB) test from a UK government-approved clinic in Pakistan.
  • Submit your academic transcripts and diplomas as mentioned on your CAS.
  • Pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) to access the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) during your studies.

Edwise Education simplifies the student visa application process by assisting with document collection and ensuring compliance with all requirements.

Why Choose Edwise Education to Study in UK

Discover your path to academic excellence with Edwise Education, your trusted study consultant for pursuing study in the UK. With a proven track record of guiding aspiring students to prestigious UK institutions, we offer personalized support, expert advice, and seamless application assistance. Choose Edwise for a transformative educational journey tailored to your aspirations.

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UK universities are generally accepting of study gaps for international students. There’s no strict limit, but a maximum of 2 years is common for undergraduate programs and 5 years for postgraduate programs. Even longer gaps can be considered depending on your situation

Minimum admission requirements vary depending on the university and degree program. Generally, UK universities look for strong academic performance in relevant subjects

  • UK universities offer scholarships based on academic merit.  Edwise educates students about scholarship details, requirements and eligibility criteria based on individual academic conditions.

Considering your budget and academic needs as a student from Pakistan, cities like Manchester and Birmingham offer affordable living costs and a diverse range of educational institutions. Edwise helps students at every step including choosing the right city.

Edwise can help you ace your IELTS! We offer a range of resources including practice tests, expert guidance, and study materials.

A passport is mandatory for entry into the UK. While not required for the application itself, you’ll need one to secure your visa. If you haven’t applied yet, focus on getting your passport first. Edwise Education can assist you with both the passport application process and your UK university admissions.

Students Reviews

Amazing people with exceptional skills They don’t only help students for applying visa but also arrange IELTS classes. Thank you so much guys for all your efforts.

Hirayy Shaikh

I did use them services on 2010. ABSOLUTELY amazing and highly recommended. Its hard to find Honest people like them.

Munawar Hussain

Edwise, one of the brilliant consultancy. It’s been one year in Canada at Simon Fraser University and they were my stepping stone who guided me in everything.`

Maheen Kalani

Edwise, one of the brilliant consultancy. It’s been one year in Canada at Simon Fraser University and they were my stepping stone who guided me in everything.`

Maheen Kalani
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