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Edwise Education was established in 2007 by an ex-British Council staff, Shahid Hussain, who has first-hand experience of working in the education department and also for an education consultancy as a senior education counsellor for a year. Mr Shahid had a vision of establishing his own business in the field of education which he turned into a reality and now it is one of the renowned overseas educational consultancies in Pakistan. Read More

Education Consultants In Pakistan

To study abroad, the need to seek help from an education consultant is crucial. Hence, Edwise, a fine and renowned education consultant in Pakistan, has made the process quite easier for the students wanting to study abroad.

With the help of Edwise, your dream of studying abroad in a world-class university is made possible and the process is made smoother than ever!

Many talented students aim for greater success when it comes to pursuing a particular career path. It sure can be quite challenging because there are just so many options around you and choosing the right one can be confusing.

Hence, the students in Pakistan seek for an agency, or a person who specializes in guiding students about the admission process of foreign universities, and provide answers to their FAQs.

There are not many great university options available in Pakistan where one’s potential could be put to use to its fullest. This is the reason many students in Pakistan prefer going abroad to pursue their degree because there are many benefits of doing so.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to study in Australia or any other country, then you need to know that Edwise is one of the best study abroad consultant in Karachi that will be ready to guide you throughout your journey.


Scholarships for Pakistani Students

When it comes to choosing the best country to study, one cannot help but think of UK, US, and Canada as the ultimate place to study knowing that the top universities lie in these three countries.

Although this may be true, one always seeks guidance towards getting admitted to these universities. Edwise, one of the leading education consultants, is here to solve all of your queries and make your journey smoother and easier by guiding you. Since there are so many universities and colleges out there, we want to make sure that we help you choose the right one for.

Although there are many top universities in these countries, every college is tailored to meet the needs of different types of students and features a different environment. This is why we help you make the right decision and choose a college that is going to be perfect for you.

We believe in a nurturing environment for students that will help them not only excel academically but also grow as an individual and that too at an affordable or at least reasonable fee structure.

This is why at Edwise, we also provide career counseling as well as go through all possible options of scholarships for Pakistani students, fee waivers and financial aid available to help a student in making an educated decision.

Our team at Edwise is a group of specialized education consultants in Karachi. We aim to open a gateway to greater opportunities for the students in Pakistan and guide them through thick and thin to make their dreams come true!

Study Abroad Programs

Career path is one of the most crucial choices an individual makes in their lifetime and it is a good idea to trust an agency that specializes in this area. We can assure you that every penny spent on a good and reliable education consultant is worth it.

We, being the international education consultant, work as career counsellors for our students and advise them about which program along with which university they should opt for.

Also, Edwise looks at the educational background of the students, and then guides them towards which career path would be suitable for them. In order to study abroad Pakistan, you need to choose Edwise!


What People Say

How real people said about EdWise.

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Ashher Shahnawaz Baloch

International College of Manitoba
It had always been my dream to pursue my education abroad for it came with more exposure and experience. This dream seemed impossible for I had no guidance and my grades were not as good as expected. I had lost all hope until my mother told me to go and see a consultancy with her. And believe you me that consultancy turned my dreams into reality. Edwise is without a doubt the best consultancy to me and I have always suggested and adviced my friends to contact them too. They guided me, supported me, motivated me and stood beside me through thick and thin. They helped me get admission in the University of Manitoba and also in my desired field!! I remember the tension that flowed in the room something bad had happened regarding my case. I remember how Komal used to cross her fingers before getting aware of some news related to my case. Sir Shahid has always had hope for me and many more who have always been there for me. I remember the patience that they had for the Canadian visa takes a long time. They waited and waited and never ever lost hope even when I started losing it. Sir Shahid used to encourage my parents. And through all this process Edwise has become a family rather than a consultancy. Thank you, Edwise.
As far as my experience in ICM is concerned, I have no words to describe it. The atmosphere, the people, the staff and all the other services are literally something I dreamt of. I have met people of so many different nationalities, cultures, religions and it has been the best experience in my life. But the best thing about ICM is that the people are understanding and accepting. The love each other from the depth of their hearts and I will always cherish these moments

Syed Shahrukh Shah

BA (LAW) University of hertfordshire
I can see numerous number of students traveling abroad for studies. I am content with this sort of mindfulness among us which was impractical without the consultants. There were many consultants in Karachi at time when I was planning to head off to the UK for studies in 2015 yet Edwise was THE best decision of mine. Edwise is the ideal merge of experts who can deal with any student going to any part of the world. If I were to describe them in a few words, I'd say they're FOCUSED, DILIGENT AND EFFECTIVE. Their visa achievement proportion is over 90% which truly is amazing.
warda khooso

Warda Khooso

FIC leading to Simon Frazer University, Canada
Edwise was the first step towards my dream of studying in Canada. Team of highly experienced people making impossible things possible and not just greedy for money like every other consultants. I had great experience with them, they treat their clients like a family, they did not charge me a single penny until and unless I got my visa approved! I was always eager to learn and experience new things which wouldn't have been possible in my comfort zone, and by coming to Canada and Sfu I am growing each day! Studying at world's recognized university has been the most liberating experience for me, along with studies I got a chance to follow my passion for photography and won the photography competition twice in a row.
ammar hussain

Ammar Hussain

Deakin University, Australia
"Choosing Edwise Education as my agent was one of the best decisions of my life. From helping me out in choosing the right course for me to selecting the best university, everything was easy.  A very friendly and cooperative staff, no delays in their task whatsover.. Keeping up on the updates even on the public holidays was amazing. I am glad that they helped me get through and now I am here at the Deakin University Waurn Ponds, Victoria Aus."
mujtaba hussain

Mujtaba Khalid

"Hello, I did my A levels from Nixor College, Karachi and had decent AS grades that could get into some universities that I wanted to. But my A2 result changed everything. I was left hopeless and got rejected from wherever I applied. Then my friend who was studying in the UK asked me my results and I soon got a phone call from a nice man (Sunil Iqbal), who told me he would help me out and that I needn't worry at all. This man was part of Edwise. Edwise education then helped me through many processes and I got into one of the Russel Group universities in the UK, that too on a 50% Scholarship Alhamdulillah!! Being here at Queens University Belfast has really made me an all rounded person. I have met some great people here and made incredible friends. Edwise education has helped me achieve my dreams of higher education at a prestigious school. Thank you Edwise.!!"

Denora Gonsalves

Simon Fraser University, Canada.
“ Helpful, Insightful and Accommodating with the best care and intentions for their customers at heart. I was personally very surprised and grateful for all the guidance provided by Edwise Education I can surely say that I received the best and most humble of services”

Dalton Pereira

Simon Fraser University, Canada
“ Fraser International College is the best place for international students to start their education at SFU. Its high-quality education, secure and supportive environment helped me develop all necessary skills for my future career. My candid thanks and gratitude goes to Edwise Education, for their perfect guidance and numerous efforts! ”
ali raza magsi

Ali Raza Magsi

Bellerbys College, United Kingdom
“With reference of a friend I came across Edwise Education, the company that helped me in making my dream of studying in a well reputed college in UK come true. They perfectly guided me, and it led to successfully getting admission in Bellerbys College, London. Bellerbys College is the best college for foundation in UK. The welcoming and friendly environment helped me achieve my full potential in all aspects of life. All this is due to the best guidance and careful counselling of Edwise Education, for which I offer my sincere thanks.”

Maheen Kalani

Simon Fraser University, Canada
“ Edwise, one of the brilliant consultancy! It's been one year in Canada at Simon Fraser University and they were my stepping stone who guided me in everything. Even still they are in contact and try to figure out a way to guide me, if not able to fully find me a solution. Thank you Sunil sir, Aamir sir and most importantly Komal apa for being my helping hand. I really appreciate your team work. You all are amazing. ”
faizan yousuf

Faizan Yousuf

“Hello , I am a student of Charles Sturt University (CSU). I am enrolled in MBA and this is just because of Edwise. I was totally depressed after doing masters because of our country's employability rate and so called salary structure. Then I decided to go abroad for a foreign degree which should be renowned across the globe. Mr Shahid were really helpful and their cooperation level was appreciable. I would also like to thank Ms Komal and Ms Jessica who have been very expert at administration and management. I really appreciate all of you guys. ”