Six Best countries to Study Abroad in Europe

If you want to study in Europe, destinations such as the United Kingdome, Germany and France might be the first that comes in your mind. But there are many other European study destinations well worth considering. All the following countries are featured in the top fifty ranking of having a high education system that compares other the world’s strongest higher education systems.

The other best countries to study in Europe are below. Have a LOOK!


The best place to study in Europe is Italy, it is ranked 13th in the education system. International students who choose Italy as their study destination abroad will enjoy a rich cultural experience of both the old and new, with a vibrant social life. Because Italy has a wide and rich historical culture. Hence it is in the top list of the best countries.

2. Austria

Austria ranks 29th on the educational system and is another great and the best option for international students if they want to study in Europe. Austria is known because of its music and culture. One of the best university in Austria is the University of Vienna which is located in the capital of Austria, Vienna. It is widely known for its attractive architecture, high quality of life, and extensive cultural offerings.

3. Sweden

Next in our list of the best places to study in Europe is Sweden. It is a diverse, friendly and fair nation, which has been considered one of the most advanced countries in the world for gender equality. It is ranked in the educational system is on 14th, Not only country has a strong higher education system, but teaching at Swedish universities is known for encouraging students to apply their knowledge.

4. Belgium

The next of the best and suitable place to study in Belgium. It is ranked on 15th for its education system with two main languages (Flemish and French). Belgium offers education to multicultural students at a very cheap rate.  If you want to study there you can experience and you can enjoy multicultural and historical architecture. It is famous for its architectural things

5. The United Kingdom

The best place to go abroad is the UK on our list. The UK is now the most popular country for international students. It has one of the world’s finest university systems, with outstanding programs in virtually all fields. The study in the United Kingdom can give you valuable experiences. Here you can also enjoy a diverse culture. 

6. Portugal

The next place to study in Europe is Portugal. Portugal is placed 35th in the Education System.  Not only for study but it is the best place for tourists too. There are a number of prestigious universities, the highest ranked of which is the University of Porto at 308th globally. Most universities are focused on vocal and practical teaching especially in the field of nursing and engineering.

Concluding, some of the best places to study abroad on a budget, These European countries are renowned for their natural beauty, cultural diversity, and turbulent history. Another great choice for students with a love of the outdoors, it’s also reasonably inexpensive, with low costs of living and tuition fees.

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