New Zealand or Australia: which is more suitable for you?

Have you been contemplating whether to choose australia to study abroad or new zealand? Are you confused about your career choices? Or are you in search of possible solutions to answer your queries?

Don’t need to panic we’ve all been there, i mean pondering over career opportunities. Taken career choices are the most important aspect of our life, they either make or break you and yet they are too tricky to decide. Most of us tend to be confused even in our senior years or when we have so eagerly got into a field then mused on it and switch it to some other profession. Luckily you’ve passed that level of consideration and moved on to countries.

Well, either you choose new zealand or australia, both have an excellent education system and comes with their own advantages. Best of them benefits are stated below:


For New Zealand:

  1. Eligibility:

Higher Education in New Zealand constitutes 10 levels of study. Level 1 is for certificate and 10 is for PHD. the level of competition is higher which makes it hard to get into degree programs in top universities in New Zealand.

Following are the levels of study and their related qualifications –

Certificates – Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

Diplomas – Level 5 and 6

Bachelors Degrees/Graduate Diplomas – Level 7

Honours Degree (Bachelors) – Level 8

Masters Degree – Level 9

Doctoral Degree – Level 10

Degree programs are granted to those people who have secured 60% score in Higher Secondary Education and each student has to meet english language requirement to apply for a course.

  1. Employment opportunities

There’s are diverse amount of job opportunities. You can purse any field but most popular job industries are Education, Engineering, Finance/business, ICT and electronics, Recreation, hospitality & tourism.

  1. Visa process

Certain Rules apply on both countries. Though any best education consultant in Pakistan will guide you about visa process but while we’re at it, we discussed it in both categories.

For one, You’ll need to apply at least 3 months early prior to your departure date or course commencement date since New zealand high commision takes 8-12 weeks for visa procedure to get settled and it will cost you around Rs. 13000.

Visa validity exceeds to 12 months. Secondly, if you are an International student you need to complete your course within the duration listed on you approval letter. If by that time you still haven’t got a job, you can avail post-job visa and look for a job.

Lastly, your spouse and family will be granted a visitor visa with same duration as applicant visa. However only spouse can avail work-visa and work there.






For Australia:

There’s a completely different procedure in Australia

  1. Eligibility:

Most universities require a 12 years pre-university education courses in Australia for undergraduate degrees which makes it easier for Pakistanis’ to get admission. To get admission in management courses you’ll just need GMAT course and GRE exam for science  courses.

You might need to enroll in a degree or diploma program in case you’re unemployed.

On another note, TOEFL or IELTS are important for the purpose of getting a visa for Australia like any other foreign country bearing in mind rule of thumb.

  1. Visa Process:

It costs you around $535 to only apply for Student Visa Australia. Your spouse can get dependent only if you’re studying masters or Phd. though spouses then will be allowed to work for unlimited hours.

  1. Job recruitments:

Top jobs in Australia are education, medical services, hospitality industry, computer system design, accounting. However, there are other jobs as well depending on eligibility criteria.



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