Here’s An Exclusive Study Abroad Checklist for All Students

 We hope that you have aced at your recent exams and are enjoying your vacations in the most productive way possible. Use this time to look out for and apply to your dream universities around the world. Even if you haven’t performed well at the exams, there are a lot of scholarship opportunities that you can avail. Many education consultants in Pakistan bring incredible scholarships every year for students in Pakistan who are willing to study abroad.


When your study abroad mission is all planned, you are all ready for a good time of your life studying your favorite course in your dream country, it seems like a dream come true but preparing for the trip might come hectic to you. Here we have listed down a few things you need to take care of while you are going abroad for your higher studies.


Initial Steps:


For the very first step, you need to apply for a passport and a visa for the country you are planning to go. This process may take several months so make sure you carry out this step on the right time. Apart from this, review your travel options and book your flights on the right time.


Courses Plan:


It is really important for you to select your courses after a discussion with your education mentors. For this very purpose, you need to hire services of a reputable education consultant such as Edwise Education.


Visa Application:


If you’re applying to study in US or the United Kingdom, brace yourself for a tough Visa application procedure as the process is very long and tiresome. The interview during the procedure is also very tough which means not everyone candidate is given the student visa. You must take some sessions before you step in for the actual interview.


IELTS Exam Preparation:


Applying for countries where English is the primary language of communication, you need to score a standard band in the IELTS test, which is a recognized English language proficiency test. There are many centers that help students with IELTS Exam Preparation. Make sure to register yourself at any renowned place because if you don’t score good, you lose a chance to get yourself admitted in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.


Accommodation Set-up:


Whatever country and city you’ve secured the admission in, you must arrange a suitable accommodation place before you land in. Depending on your budget, you can either rent a flat or choose to stay at the campus hostel. If you’ve a relative or a friend living in that city already, then you can stay to live there as well.




There are many other things you need to take care of such as keeping all your documents at one place, packing your bags few days earlier, keeping a good amount of cash with you for initial expenses, etc.


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