When you graduate from your school and land into a college, you are burdened with loads of academic responsibilities that you need to take care of. When applying to study abroad, the tricks below will help you study for the exams.


These 12 tricks will help you study in an effective way to help score better in college:

Spray a scent:

Spraying an unfamiliar scent at the time of studying will subconsciously make you remember what you learned during test if you spray that scent before test too. Certain smells have the power to trigger our memory. The scent will jog your memory.

Flavoured Gum:

A flavoured game has the same effect as the scent. If you chewed a certain flavoured gum while studying and then chew the same flavoured gun during the test, it will shake up your memory and help you in writing your exam.

Make Notes:

Make notes of all the relevant information you can think of on a piece of paper, post-it notes or on an index card as if that piece of paper will be allowed to bring in the exam. This is an extra writing exercise that will also help you just in time. You will have all the relevant/ important information gathered in one place.

Music Is A Life Saver:

While listening to the boring lectures that make you wanna doze off for a while, putting on a soothing music or an instrumental music would keep you relaxed and focused for hours and hours.

Food Trail:

This is one fun way to get around to finishing a chapter you were reading. Leave your fav chocolate, snack bar, gummy bear or mints and you only get to eat them when you get to that fav munching item while studying.


Like every other student, you surely do read or go through all the formulas right before the exam too. Since, it stays fresh in your memory, write down all the formulas on your answer sheet with a pencil at the beginning of your test/exam.

Speed Up:

Whenever you listen to recorded lectures, listen to them at double speed. This will let your brain pick out all the important stuff itself. Tip: Listen to the lectures at least twice a night before the exam.

Font Matters:

When studying, remember to avoid easy to read fonts like Ariel because the long and challenging font is more likely to help you in retaining information.

Stay Focused:

You really need to cut back on your social media time if you actually want to study in Canada. Limit your phone time, download apps that give you reminders when you use social media excessively. Discipline is the key.


Watch as many documentaries as you can and while you can because they are informative enough to help you pass an exam if of a relevant topic. And, documentaries are interesting too.

Online Tests:

Take online tests of the exam you are already studying for. This will help you in judging where you stand. There are a lot of sites that offer tests based games that are informative and challenging.

Different Colour Pens:

Use different colour pens for headings and answers. Different colour pens can help in nailing your exam. Highlight those important points because your test sheet represents you so better make it look good.

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