This is why Pakistani Students prefer German Universities to pursue their higher education

Germany is one of those countries that welcome a gigantic parade of International students every year to study in its universities. It is one of the best places to get quality education and receive a degree that is worth all the struggle and the money. Germany has some of the top universities of the world on its land. The best thing about the universities in Germany is that they allow a number of extra facilities for the International student.

Here are some of the reasons why Germany make is the best choice for Pakistani students to pursue their higher education.

Home to some of the Best Universities of the world

Most of the universities in Germany have made it to the list of top 100 universities of the world because of their over the top standards of teaching. Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) Munich, the university ranked the 30th best university in the word is in Germany.

Free education provided by most of the universities in Germany

There are 16 states in Germany out of 11 provide fee free education to the students, be it a National students or the International ones. However the other 5 states also provide education in very pocket friendly fees. Which is 500 Euro per semester that makes it about 57,000 Pakistani rupees.

Facilities for International students

The prime reason why most high school students in Pakistan want to go to Germany to pursue their higher studies in German universities is that Germany offers courses in English to the International students. But students who have a command over the German language can take those courses in German language as well.

You can work while studying

One of the major concerns of students planning to study abroad for their higher education is whether they will be allowed to work while studying. Well in Germany, yes you can. The universities in Germany permit the students to work while studying so that they can support themselves and finance their education. However, this requires to follow a set of rules initially. The students must follow a time restriction while working. And to kick start a job, the students are first required to acquire a work permit from the Federal Employment Agency of Germany and a permit from the foreigners’ authority. And if the authority sees no problem with you working and if no issues are detected in the local job market, they will issue you a work permit as soon as they can so that you can begin financing your accommodation on your salary.

Finding a good job is not as difficult as you think

Finding a suitable job that aligns well with your schedule while studying is based totally on your own skills and the hard work that you are interested in putting in. Every city in every state of Germany, has a number of job openings available for International students. It requires you to look more closely and check well all the options present for you. If you are unable to find a good job on your own, you can always sign up for help from the Federal Employment Agency which helps students find suitable jobs according to their field and time. 

Initially you will be offered jobs as a personal secretary, as a server or as a freelancer too. This might be the best way out of the financial crises temporarily. The best thing is to seize the opportunity when it comes rather than waiting for your fantasy job thumping at your doorway at such an early period of living abroad. A few students fill in as assistants to their associates that works best because this does not at all waste your time in truth let you generally be in the college.

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