Here’s how you can save your bucks while studying abroad

Studying abroad calls for using up a major chunk of your savings. Choosing to study away from home in one of the finest universities/colleges or schools has been the forever dream of a lot of students since quite a time now. Everyone wants to experience the campus life abroad and enjoy the finest education in one of the top institute of a foreign land. But this has never been funds friendly. The entire process, the travelling expenses, the fees and residence are usually way too much but it is not only these expenses which are there to haunt you, there is a massive amount that is consumed in other miscellanous things as well. But by following a set of pratices one can easily save their money. No one wants to go broke in a foreign land so in case if you are wondering, we khave listed down certain steps to help you start saving. Have a look and happy saving!

Use an alternate transportation

One of the major money eater while one’s venture to study abroad is the transportation. Students who travel abroad mostly complain about the high travelling rates that most of their money is spent on. The best solution to this problem¬† is to change your transportation medium. Go for a cheaper one than the current medium you are using. It may get a little hectic but it is definitely worth it.

Sell off your old books and notes or exchange!

Buying new books for each semester can be very much expensive but you can definitely not drop buying one. To help you save money, the best solution that we have for you in this scenario is that you should get your used books sold and use the money to buy new ones. Or you could also exchange books from your friends or other people in the university for the books that you might need.

Open an account

A student is smart if he uses his money smartly. The outflow can be very much when you are studying abroad specifically if it is a masters degree abroad. You should keep a close check and balance on where your money is being spent on mostly and likewise cut down on your expenses in that particular area. The money saved as a result should be kept in a savings account.



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