Canada or The USA, Which Country to Choose for Higher Education?

Choosing the right career path is not easy. What to choose? Where to study? When to start? All of these questions pop in our mind when we think about studying abroad. Edwise is a consultancy that provides a platform for those students who wish to study abroad. They have a few services every student willing to study abroad, must go through. They have a few test preparation services like for IELTS, TOEFL, etc. As our landscape is changing dramatically we need sources in form of youth struggling for their homeland. New blood should come and rise with their talent and skills.

Being an individual it’s difficult to decide which place to visit. A couple of years ago, the United States of America was considered to have the largest population of students from all around the globe but then few things became unfavorable for them and this gave a straight opportunity to Canada, which now has the largest strength of students from all around the world. The most visited place in Canada is Toronto where most of the Asians are situated.

The question must have been invading our minds that why not the USA rather than Canada. Let’s discuss a few patterns from both places and see which one is more favorable for students.

Visa policies:

In the USA:

The USA has the most strict policies regarding the visa application for both students and immigrants. Being the other person you have to apply for a visa every year where you have to apply for a new visa which takes the repeat mode. Whether it’s working visa or student visa it’s mandatory to renew. Your visa will expire in a year so you must follow. Hence, to study in US might not prove to be a good choice for many students.


On the other hand, Canada has been the finest and satisfying country to study. It gives you a free hand which enables you to study with the same student visa and you don’t have to apply for it every year. Even though you will when you will get your visa you can utilize it to its maximum.

The cost charged while studying :

In the USA:

The USA has fixed rates to its courses and universities where it will not only cost you for your academics but your rent if you’re staying somewhere and other expenses as well. It is expensive and you have to have a good amount of money to spend if you choose to study in the USA.


Canada is not cheap but it has affordable rates for all the expenses you can settle. It has low academic costs and reliable deals on which you can choose courses on your own with the money in your hand. These low charges lead to many students willing to study in Canada.

Employment policies:

In the USA:

The USA has a low employment policy which is truly a disadvantage for you if you studied here. It actually has quite a big population and they provide jobs to their city first because somehow they know if you’re from another country you might have visa issues which will make their job task difficult.


Canada has the largest population, it has Asians almost in every city. Canada has quite more employment facilities than others because it has fewer visa issues and people are allowed for a work permit to get valid on their visa.

Permanent residency number opportunities:

In the USA:

The USA has a lot of issues with permanent residency to people who came across to study. They must have a green card for applying a permanent residency certificate. It require 5 years to get a green card.


Canada has fewer restrictions compared to the USA. It’s easier to get a green card in Canada. The firm or company you’ll get appointed for will give you a living permit and you can apply for your green card at the same time.


It doesn’t matter if it’s the USA or Canada, all that matter is education. Studying abroad is a vast idea which needs your attention an focus to your aim. The USA has its own uniqueness and Canada has its own way.

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