‘To travel is to live.’ -Hans Christian Andersen.

Travelling is said to be food for the soul. This world is big with endless possibilities, one needs to travel to really explore their options. Travelling is essential for anyone who is in search of their innermost desires and passion. It helps you see the world with a new perspective, gives you a new approach to decode life. Travelling is for anyone who has a thirst for knowledge, adventure and experiences. Lacking any one of the following can ruin the essence of travelling.

The first time travellers need to plan everything to the last bit to gain most from their travel experience. It takes a great deal to become a traveller, leaving behind your comfort zone to experience the extraordinary. But, all it takes is one decision, one step towards this amazing journey. One cannot help you in making that decision but once you have made it and are about to begin your journey, CONGRATULATIONS! You have already achieved half of the difficult task.

The next comes the packing, to be a traveller means to live out of a backpack. And, it is important to ONLY keep what you really need. You seriously don’t want to carry around so much load. Travel light, ALWAYS. Take it from someone who has travelled back and forth to UK for studies.

Let us help you in making your travel experience easy by guiding you through all the stuff you need to pack for your trip if you are travelling or are planning to study in UK. Ready your checklist, mates!

1. Toiletry Bag:

Trust me, you really need to have one of these to keep yourself organised. Something you can grab easily and bring to the bathroom. A toiletry bag should have compartments as per your need to make sure you look for one of these when you go shopping.

2. Toiletries:

This is what needs to go into your toiletry bag

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant and razor
  • Moisturiser, sunblock
  • Laundry soap and micro-fibre tower
  • Travel size shampoo, body wash and conditioner

3. Comfy Sandals:

Since you will be spending a lot of time on your feet exploring. You need to keep something trendy and comfortable enough to keep you going on for hours. Keep a pair of your most comfortable sandals.

4. Waterbottle:

It is very important to keep a water bottle when you’re travelling, it saves you from buying bottles and bottles of water. For safe travels, filtered sippers have been introduced. Add that to your shopping list too!

5. Power bank:

Powerbanks are life saviours. You don’t want to run around worrying about your phone or laptop’s dead battery since your phone has the most important app i.e, google maps. You can not run out of battery when you are in a foreign country.

6. Laundry Soap:

If you plan on travelling for a long time then laundry soap is a must-have. You don’t want to carry around a bag of dirty clothes with you.

7. Pouches:

Pouches of different sizes for your different needs to keep you organised and keep all your stuff in place. Running around looking for them is a total waste of time. Here are a few things you can keep in those pouches:-
*Mini first aid kit
*Mini Sewing kit
*Fingernails clipper
*Chargers and earphones
*Makeup or skincare products.

8. Small Backpack:

You will need a smaller backpack as your daypack, lighter to carry around with everything you would need for a hike or camping out.

9. Casual Sling Bag:

You need this sling bag more than you can imagine. You can keep your passports, ids, water bottle, wallet, hotel keys and snack to munch on when you go for a stroll to explore the city. It is lighter on the body hence easier to carry everywhere. Safe from pickpockets as well.

Pack your bags and get ready to see the world unfold, do the extraordinary. And, if you’re a student, there are a lot of education consultants in Pakistan who can guide you through the procedures for your educational trips. Just do not let anything get in your way, you’re only a decision away.

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