5 things you need to know if you are planning to study in China

Nowadays many students are planning to study abroad and China is one of the most favorite destinations to experience profound history and culture, as well as an attractive landscape with there studies. Going abroad for study can be expensive, so it is not unusual for students to go on a budget. It can be very challenging to have a full and enjoyable adventure while trying to save money so we have put together a tip-list for students or any travelers who plan to study in China.

Transport problem

Transportation is the most common expense for the students, but proper preparation saves you money. Try to plan your expenses earlier. As airlines usually give discount tickets several months in advance, so not only will have a wide range of destination choices you will get them at cheap rates. Long-distance buses are easily available between cities and towns. But trains running at fixed hours, buses are more flexible, departing every few minutes or hourly. Public buses, subway, and taxies are the major transportation in cities. For students, public buses and subways are the best to save money.

2. Hotels and Hostel expenses

Living abroad is another costly part.  Hostels that are near transportation hubs and attractions are usually more expensive. The cheaper hotels are located within the universities of the cities; however, the money you save booking a cheap hostel may be taken up traveling to or from the attractions in the cities or to get admission in any other interested subject courses or in tutions.

3. Take the help of internet

Take advantage and help of the internet. Some places give the discounted entrance fees if booked online, like the Window of the World in Shenzhen. Many travel websites and shopping sites also have discount tickets for attractions. It is worthwhile to spend time doing some research during the degree program.

4. Visit historical and modern Places

 Visit free attractive historical places. Most museums in China are free to enter and these are good places for students to learn the history and culture of a new country. Free parks, city squares, markets, and shopping malls are also the best places to learn about and experience Chinese daily life.

5. Take advantage of your Student Card

International Student Identity Cardholders can easily get some discounts in shops, museums, hotels, and airlines in different countries, Like some cities in China. Trains and attractions in mainland China do offer discounts to international students.

Here are the Tips for the safety of students who are studying there:

1. Do not accept water or food from strangers especially when you are new in the country.

2. Do not trust so much to the warm-hearted people.

3. Avoid going out alone at night in a new country when you are not familiar to the roads of the countries.

4. Do not touch anything you do not want to buy.

5. Always take care of your luggage and mobile phone.

6. Always carry a copy of your university identity card.

7. Always keep the telephone number of the embassy of your country

8. Don’t go anywhere without informing your class fellow, friend or roommate.

These all are the tips are useful when you reached to the abroad for studies but what about to get information while you are just deciding to go abroad but confused what programs are the best in your desired countries. For collecting the information about it you should go to an education consultant in Karachi if you are living in Karachi.

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