5 Great Scholarship Opportunities for Pakistani Students willing to Study in the UK

Studying abroad is not a cup of tea for anyone, especially for those who cannot afford such top universities. Although studying abroad is one of the dreams of any student, they study, work hard to achieve great grades, so they can get a scholarship. Getting a scholarship is not an easy thing to do, for that there’s a whole new process every high achiever needs to follow.

People realize the person who is studying in any foreign university having a perfect life, no they don’t, and even they don’t have a life then. Because if they don’t get a scholarship and get accepted. Then they apply for jobs, through jobs they earn some money, which helps them in covering their other university and personal expenses. That’s why most of the students do seek those universities which offer scholarship programs.

Students who are willing to study in UK, must need a scholarship. The UK is the most elegant, respectable country in the world in every manner. Especially when it comes to education we all are aware of their finest education system and their quality of teachings. Pakistani students who are keen to apply or say get enrolled in one of the universities of the UK must look at the scholarship programs for the Pakistani students.

Because it will help them in many ways. But do you really know which organization provide scholarship programs? There various organizations in the UK providing a scholarship for Pakistani students.

Organizations/Trusts students of Pakistan need to apply for the scholarship:

Bristol University International Scholarship:

Bristol University basically offers the various scholarship packages to the international students to study in Bristol and pursue in different degree programs.

  • University of Birmingham International Postgraduate Scholarships:

For students who are interested in pursuing their master’s degree from abroad. The University of Birmingham is the best place. Because it offers various scholarships to the international students for Post Degree Program.

  • University of Edinburgh Global Scholarships:

Per year annually the University of Edinburgh offers various scholarships to the international graduate students enrolling at University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

  • Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarship:

It is one of the finest charity in the UK, which offers scholarship programs to the Pakistani students. They have been doing such a thing for a long time and very fewer are aware of this amazing trust.

  • Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students:

Students who want to pursue a degree in a Ph.D. program can apply at this university. Scholarship here is totally based on merit. So for those who have achieved higher grades in Post Graduate, they should apply and they even offer in campus job opportunity as well.

These above top 5 universities and trust offer scholarships for the Pakistani students. Apart from the scholarship program, UK is one of the most expensive countries in every manner no doubt in that. To Study in UK is another big challenge for the students. But it is known as the land of opportunity as well, if the education is expensive then they are also giving youngster to showcase their skills and earn for themselves.

Various job opportunities are available for all of those international students who are studying.  Studying for hours in a day, won’t give that much time to earn, so what? Start doing night shifts, where you can actually earn additional money. Plus some universities do offer night shift education as well. If you are a writer, you can easily apply to any newspaper or any local magazine and start doing a paid internship.

This will not only help you in earning but also build a strong resume, which will help you in getting into the bigger firm. People who say that it’s hard to study in UK, they just need to figure it out the possible ways of living the toughest life of university instead of weeping. Don’t just depend on scholarship, search for jobs and earn as well because that’s what smart student does.

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